This proposed 16,350 square foot house of worship would require
65% more land than owned to meet the legal requirements.
The structure would be too big, too high, too wide, too close to neighbors,
and without a major variance, would not be legal.

Contributions can be made to:
Connell Foley LLP
Attorney Trust Account
Please mail check to:
Connell Foley LLP
85 Livingston Avenue
Roseland NJ 07068,
Attn: Kevin J. Coakley
(Funds only distributed with consent of the Association's trustees)

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This non-profit local group has dozens of supporters from all walks of life and from all parts of the Township. And most importantly, this is not a religious issue for sure. Many of the members of our group are of the Jewish faith. This is a fairness issue. The town has an approved Zoning Ordinance that should be adhered to. Or, if the elected officials vote for a change, it should be changed town wide and not by exceptions.

Hundreds have emailed the organization and below are some of the supporters. These residents have emailed or fax permission to post their names on this site.

James Welch

Virginia Welch

Robert Sanna

Nicole Leff

Richard Leff

Aryeh Liwschitz

Elizabeth Liwschitz

Alexander Haverstick

Jessica Haverstick

Mark Berg
Marjorie Berg

Bob  Dwyer
Connie Dwyer
Jodi Wiseman
Jeff Wiseman

Jeffrey Goldberg
Nicole Goldberg

Richard Davission

Melissa Lautenberg

Shannon Davisson

Henry E. Blagden, Jr.

Patricia K. Blagden

Dan Graves

Jennie Graves

Robert E. Stone

Janice M. Stone

Eileen Harte

Tom Harte

Ben Levy
Alexander Spining

Jim Wohlbruck

Nancy Wohlbruck

Damian DeBlis

Karen Lieberman

Alan Lieberman

Joanne Mahaney

Mike Moran
Barbara Moran

Dennis Irwin

Lauren Irvin

Sandy Peinado

Ruth Plager

Howard Lepow

Sally Lepow
Anita Wolfe
Ben Wolfe 

Deborah Barker

Sue Adler

Peter Jacoby

Mark Delillo

Jodi Delillo

Keith McVicker

Susie McVicker

Nancy Stuart

Curt Lemkau

Sue Lemkau

Mr./Mrs. Henry P. Johnson
maureen kundtz 
Mara Schwartz

Sreejib Sinha
Justin Nortillo
Daniela Nortillo
W. Scott McGraw

Keith Maddox

Bernardine Wu-Maddox

Jeffrey Beckerman

Wendy Beckerman

Pat Samwick

Giora Winnik

David Baldwin
Barbara Baldwin
Norman Isreal
Lili Israel
Risa Siegel

Eric Siegel

Jennifer Barry
Michael Barry
Dan Cohen
Andrea Cohen

Mark Josephson
Megan Josephson
Helaine Winer

John Helmacy

Alice Longley

John M. Popolillo

Sandra Marianelli
Joseph Romano

Lisa Romano

Elaine Parcells

Lise Chapman

Brad Nettune

Julieanne Nettune

Sherri De Rose

Rich De Rose

Bob Near

Dara Near

Danielle Speckhart
Barry M. Benjamin
Jennifer Benjamin

Lee Garfinkle

Gregory Lindstrom
Lesley Lindstrom
Sarah Fuchsman

Lynn Magrane

Scott Magrane

Robin Finkelstein

Jodi  Wiseman
Jeff Wiseman

Daneen Osten
Craig Osten

Susan Ratner

Mary Yauch

Tracy Silver

Steve Silver

Lisa Balbo Helmacy

Richard Greenberg

Adrienne Kane

Alan Kane

Heather Newman

Jonathan Newman
Diane Polise

Darren Jacobs

Deborah Green Taffet
Andrea Wank

Mike Becker

Katherine Becker

Linda Nortillo

Heidi Knopp

Randy Knopp

Polly del Campo

Francisco del Campo

Deborah W. Timpson

Roger D. Timpson

Kevin Spencer
Judy Spencer

Bill Kaupp

Geri Kaupp

Francesco Borghese

Amanda Borghese

Michael Pisani

Shelden Pisani

Randy Faust
Natalie Cekleniak
Karene Infranco
Al Sonander

Evan Frankel
Suzy Frankel
John Hall
Kristen Hall
Melissa Briedman
Rob Briedman
Timothy J. Small
Joanne M. Small

Mary Heinen

Lynn Filipski
Mark Filipski

Judy Cash

Tom Cash

Claudia McIntyre

John McIntyre

Ali Seeger
Gunter Seeger
Almgren Family
Stephanie Marino

Catherine Fernandez
Bob Vaters

Michele Vaters
Diane Anton

Rie Yahata

Jesse Hade
Karyn Hade

John Chernansky

Dena Chernansky

Sarah Yauch O’Farrell

Martha Yauch McDonald

Lyn Graham

Jane Greenwald
Jesse Greenwald
Gregg Loprete
Sandy Loprete

Linda Jackson

Gregory Jackson

Elizabeth Winterbottom

Kimo Winterbottom

Jane Greenwald

Jesse Greenwald
Brian Sullivan

Tommy Chernansky
Teddy Chernansky
Jacob Chernansky
Daniel Polise
Barbara Rizos
John Campbell
Jean Campbell 

Abigail Boozan

Dr. John Boozan

John Rudder

Marianne Rudder

Caroline Collins

Dennis Collins

Carl J. Pasquale
Gloria  K. Pasquale
Mark Patterson
Jennie Lewis Patterson
Corinne Simmons

Save Millburn is the name for the local, registered, non-profit group,
The Concerned Neighborhood Association of Millburn Township, Inc. - Email